“Each person’s map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint” Milton Erikson

Systemic Theory

Traditional psychological therapies tend to work with distress in individualistic terms. A ‘Systemic’ therapeutic approach focuses on exploring client(s) contextual worlds, through the detailed examination of current familial relationships and patterns. Systemic Therapeutic Approaches thus locate current difficulties being experienced by clients in relation to family patterns and processes, rather than seeing them as a “product of the individual”. Systemic therapeutic approaches recognise that the individual is part of a wider complex interactional ‘system’ and therefore seek to offer clients opportunities to find new and more expansive ways of relating, within their existing family relationships. Consequently clients may at times experience Systemic interventions as more ‘directive’. Whilst trained ‘Family Therapists’ often work with couples or whole families, individual therapists may also integrate systemic thinking into their practice with individual clients. For a general description of Systemic therapy, contact the Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice at www.aft.org.uk

Our therapists all have their own individual therapeutic style taking and integrative approach. All are fully qualified and are full members of the BACP, adhering to their ethical and professional guidelines. For full details go to the Our therapists page.