“Each person’s map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint” Milton Erikson

Person-Centred Therapy

Person-Centred Therapy sees human beings as having an innate tendency to develop towards their full potential, given the right relational conditions.  Our therapists provide an environment in which you will not feel in any way feel judged, thereby enabling you to experience and accept more of who you are as a person, thus reconnecting with your own values and sense of self-worth.   Significantly we work to understand your experiences from your own point of view, from an open and genuine standpoint, positively valuing you as a person in all aspects of your own humanity.  The nature of the therapeutic relationship (drop down relational approach) is crucial for the success and effectiveness of the therapy. Click here for more information.

Our therapists all have their own individual therapeutic style taking and integrative approach. All are fully qualified and are full members of the BACP, adhering to their ethical and professional guidelines. For full details go to the Our therapists page.